Smarter, faster decision-making

Plagued by Procrastination and Bad Decisions?

Hone your intuition to balance logic

Where does that split-section reaction to stretch out your arm in front of your passenger when you brake suddenly for an animal come from? It’s innate, right? That’s your unconscious that made that decision. Quick, wasn’t it? No pro or con discussion there.

Image of Ronda Renee’s free guide: “4 Ways to Unlock Your Intuition”
Image of Ronda Renee’s free guide: “4 Ways to Unlock Your Intuition”
Click to grab Ronda Renée’s free guide “4 Ways to Unlock Your Intuition” (*aff. link)

It’s not a woo-woo kind of thing at all, but frequently it is impossible to explain the feelings. You know what I’m talking about — that gut feeling or hunch. I’ve come to realize that there really are a lot of unconscious little clues that inform our choices. …

Online Privacy and Security

Reach Out Grandparents’ Day, Sept. 12

Help the elderly update their devices, browser and passwords

This first part of this article is courtesy and permission of privacy and security expert Rebecca Herold, known as The Privacy Professor, who taught a workshop I attended on Microsoft’s campus to train for my information privacy certificate from the IAPP (International Assn. of Privacy Professionals). By the way, she puts out a terrific, informative newsletter.

— — — — — -

Help the grandparents you know update their computer and phone devices to protect data this Grandparents’ Day, Sept. 12.

“This Grandparents Day, September 12, make…

Passive income | Marketing | Entrepreneurs

Etsy’s Platform Turns Lead Magnets to Income Gold

Marketers reap passive income from digital download products

Etsy is a wonderful place for unique and handmade gifts, so who would have thought it would be a terrific place to find and sell marketing ebooks, checklists and templates?

All the products that many marketers create to give away to new email subscribers can be turned into passive income products. Click To Tweet

With a base of 40 million users, mostly women who are eager to grow their businesses, Etsy offers a huge selling platform. A search for the keyword “marketing” yields over 70,000 results. Surprised? “Marketing templates” gets 50,000. …

Affiliate marketing | Passive income

Money While You Sleep: Marketers Sit on a Goldmine

Promote the Products You Love for $$$$

As entrepreneurs, authors and coaches, we can all benefit from affiliate marketing, both as affiliates (aka publishers or partners) and as advertisers (aka merchants). Share reviews and lists of your favorites on a Resources page on your site for a new, passive income stream.

Many entrepreneurs, such as Pat Flynn and affiliate marketer Matt McWilliams, enjoy strong revenue streams from their Resources pages. Click To Tweet

Sometimes the payouts are a share of revenues; sometimes it’s credit towards more services from the company you are currently using or their swag. …

Marketing | Free images | Content Creation

Searching for great resources for free images? Need some new ideas?

50 Sources to Curate and Create Content

Portwiture grabs Flickr images related to the discussions of your Twitter followers: for free!

If it seems like it’s getting harder to grab the perfect image for free anymore, you are in good company. Many of those great shots have gone behind pay walls.

But don’t despair, there are still a lot of wonderful places to get just what you are looking for that are still free. I’ll share my favorites with you, plus show you several places you might not have considered.

“One picture is worth 1,000 words.” Click To Tweet

It’s true. Images both grab the attention of…

Home Design | Mindset

Aryo Falakrou, Architectural Designs Homes for Mindset Too

Author and architectural designer Aryo Falakrou embodies a philosophy of home design that improves mindset.

Embracing a philosophy of harmony, functionality & beauty

As entrepreneurs, many of us work from home all the time — not just during a pandemic. It’s just that Covid made us all much more aware of our surroundings. With activities curtailed, we had more time to consider that our homes might be lacking.

The pandemic really made us notice our home spaces more than ever before. Even entrepreneurs and telecommuters, used to working at home, felt cooped up.

So I chatted with Aryo Falakrou, author of Beyond Ages, A Smooth Transition to Independent Living, known for building people-friendly home designs for baby boomers as…

Direct Response Marketing | Branding

Brand vs. Direct Response Marketing: How to End the War So Everybody Wins

Author Tim Ash excavates the solution

Let’s cut to the chase:

Both Branding and Direct Response are Right!

Author Tim Ash’s quote re: branding.

It’s just that each is blind to the strengths of the other.

Having worked at ad agencies that loved their creative awards as well as in the direct response industry where you are only as good as your latest return on ad spend, I am all too familiar with the tug-of-war between brand and direct response marketers.

In “Brand vs. Direct Response: Ending the War So Everybody Wins,” evolutionary psychology & digital marketing expert and author Tim Ash, who helped create $1.2 …

Strategic Investments | Business Funding | Venture Capital

“Saving businesses and saving jobs” through Strategic Investing

Investor Marty Fahncke’s genius twist on a cure for revenue crunch

We’ve all heard horror stories of venture capital firms taking over companies in trouble to save them ~ with disastrous results: talent bolt for the doors, layoffs and miserable owners forced to give over control of their creation.

Marty Fahncke is definitely not one of those.

As a strategic investor, self-described Adventurist Marketer, Marty gravitates to offering resources and/or capital to restore and create much-needed new revenue streams. Saving businesses and savings jobs is his passion. He says it may take…

Web Strategy | Business Planning | Digital Marketing

Meet the Essential Janet Gervers, Web Strategist Thursday, May 20

Leading her happy clients from anguish to relief

Meet Janet Gervers live and online as she delivers “The Five Keys to Website Success” on Thursday, May 20 at noon.

Janet and I chatted recently about our shared frustration at what is perhaps the single fatal flaw of websites today: a lack of understanding and communication of the overarching theme of a what makes a business tick.

Many small businesses need guidance to grasp the full picture of what their site can be for their business. …

Business planning | Marketing strategy | How-to

Get pumped about your business prospects

Visualize perfection to achieve it with Samantha Hartley

Too few of us create really good Mission, Vision and Values statements. We can all benefit from the focus such an exercise presents. Visioning isn’t just for big companies such as Coca-Cola; it’s important for entrepreneurs too.

“Visioning puts you in a position of clarity, control and decisiveness — and that leads to the kind of action that grows your business.”

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Business growth partner Samantha Hartley shares how a vision statement, different from a mission statement, helps guide people to “get clear”…

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