🆓Favorite Free Templates for Business and Marketing

Better planning, organization and analysis

🆓 I created the suite of templates below to use with my clients and share with friends ~ like you! Short videos show you the way.

1️⃣ Use the Discovery exercise to create a mission and vision statement, name a company or product or create an elevator pitch.

2️⃣ Find out how much you can spend with the Marketing Budget Calculator.

3️⃣ Crack the competition with a little research you visualize in a spreadsheet.

4️⃣ Check your pulse with the Benchmarks worksheets.

5️⃣ Plan your content for a year with an Editorial Calendar.

6️⃣ & 7️⃣ Save time by tracking your Content and Images. 👇

Want more freebies? Check out Dmcenter.com.



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