On Gift-Giving

Just a little thought makes memories

Give-giving and receiving
Photo from Pexels in Canva

As I use a present, I remember the friends or family member that gave it to me. It makes me smile.

So, when the mother of a bride suggested I send a gift card, I was stunned. While practical, that’s probably not a memorable gift.

I think of some of my favorites; it’s not about how much was spent. As a bride, I got a kit with a hammer, screwdriver and pliers. I still use this set. Years later, I did the same for another bride. My thinking: a gal should have her own tools.

Unique, useful and practical

Couples living together today don’t need another dish towel.

I finally chose packable placemats with a unique Southwest design tied to a National Park theme, practical for either home or new RV and hopefully, many happy trails.



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