🤔 Trouble Remembering Names?

Tips from Washington Post ~ plus one…

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When I first heard about this story, “Remembering Names Can Be Tricky. Lots of Strategies Flop, But One Actually Helps” on The Today Show, I thought it had good merit. The notion that we can improve our chances of remembering a person’s name by reminding ourselves after 10 seconds, then 30, again at 2 minutes and 5 minutes made perfect sense.


It harkened me back to a How to Study course I took. But as I listened, I didn’t hear the tip I expected: to write down the person’s name. So, as I often do, I went down a rabbit hole and came up with this little nugget…💎

📱 vs ✍

It hadn’t occurred to me that there was a difference between entering in my phone or on a computer vs. physically writing a name down on paper, but a study cited by Lifesavvy’s “Here’s Why You Remember Things Better When You Write Them Down” concludes writing by hand triggers longer retention. Who knew?


Taken together, reminding myself of a new contact’s name periodically over several minutes after meeting them, combined with making notes in my phone, a CRM and writing the name down in a planner gives me the best chance for success. Click to share on Twitter.

🤞 In the meantime, if I meet you and forget your name, try to remember 😉 that I’ve tried all the tricks I can think of.

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