Use this Easy, Free Photo Editing App

💟 I love Adobe Photoshop Express, a free photo editing tool, that helps me not only improve my shots, but crop them into shapes for most any social media. Click to Tweet:

Image of vintage vehicles in Lowell, AZ, a photo edited in AP Express
Image edited in AP Express for Medium specs, a free photo-editing app that’s easy to use. Photo by author.

Use AP Express features to correct imperfections, enhance a mood and crop for repurposing on social media platforms.

My favorite features?

📷 Sharpen

📸 Exposure

🤳 Clarity

☀ Reduce Luminance

✂ Crop

I did a little video to show how quickly I can format one for a Medium post. This can be handy for that quick YouTube thumbnail you need.

Watch how easy it is to edit in the free AP Express photo-editing app (45 seconds)

Formats to choose from:

⛵Free size


⛵FB Profile

⛵FB Profile Cover

⛵Facebook Ad


⛵Twitter Post

⛵Twitter Header


⛵LinkedIn background

⛵Etsy Cover


⛵YouTube thumbnail

⛵YouTube Channel Art


🌈But wait, there’s more:

6×4, 4×6, 7×5, 5×7, 4×3, 3×4, 10×8, 8×10, 16×9, 3×1, 1×2, 5×3, 3×5

My final Medium shot below:

Shot ready for Medium post in seconds

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Originally published at on April 7, 2022.



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