Using AI to Get Over Writers’ Block

🚀 Sometimes you just need a little help getting started….

I’ve been using the new search engine,, during its beta time, and on a whim, thought I’d try out its AI writing function,

📜 Results: while it didn’t create the perfect post I want to do, it provides value to give me the start I needed.

🤔 My response: “I can take it from here, thanks.”

Here’s how it went down.

1) Choose the Use case for your content (blog, email, paragraph, social media post, title or essay).

2) Define your audience, such as marketers, business people (this is optional).

3) Select the tone (persuasive, neutral, witty, professional, friendly).

4) Complete a field, up to 1000 characters, to answer “What is this message about?”

I chose blog, marketers and business people, persuasive and entered the definition of coopetition from Investopedia with a small tweak about affiliate partnerships, like so:

“What is this message about?”

Coopetition and why more companies should seek out these relationships, especially to develop prospective affiliate partnerships. Coopetition is the act of cooperation between competing companies; businesses that engage in both competition and cooperation are said to be in coopetition. Certain businesses gain an advantage by using a judicious mixture of cooperation with suppliers, customers, and firms producing complementary or related products.

This is what I got:

There are many reasons why businesses should seek out coopetition relationships. One of the most important benefits is that it can help companies develop prospective affiliate partnerships. By working together with a company that offers complementary products or services, businesses can create new sales channels and expose their products to a larger audience. Additionally, coopetition can help companies reduce costs by sharing resources and pooling expertise.

Coopetition also has the potential to improve innovation within a company. By working with competitors, businesses can learn about new technologies and strategies that may be used in the future. This type of collaboration can also lead to the development of better products and services as companies strive to one-up each other. Finally, coopetition can help firms build stronger relationships with customers and suppliers, which may result in more business in the future

Not bad, right? Not great either.

But I could blame “Garbage in, garbage out.” The definition wasn’t garbage. I just needed to feed it enough good stuff.

At the end of my experiment, I have to say AI has surprising potential to help writers get a good start faster.

Back to my coopetition post…if you’d like to see how it turned out and learn more about how coopetition can help your business, use this link.

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