What the Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum” Missed

Bounty in delicate artifacts by inmates’ extracurricular activities

Photo by author

A Yuma Prison museum docent wondered why the Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum” production was interested in featuring a woman prisoner responsible for a single stagecoach robbery. True, housing women prisoners presented challenges, but the powers-that-be adjusted.

Perhaps a more fascinating set of items in the museum, a collection of beautiful lace, piques interest more. During free time, inmates made crafts, such as inlaid wood boxes, horsehair hat bands, carved shell and onyx pieces — even knives, receiving a share of sales upon their release.

C.E. Hobart, a murderer sentenced to life in prison, repeatedly returned to solitary confinement, quarried rock by day, and knit particularly fine lace collars, baby clothes and piano scarves by night.


Update: I neglected to point out that C.E. Hobart was a male inmate, which was so surprising to me.

Originally published at https://dawnpilot.com on May 4, 2022.



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